Develop and validate the knowledge, skills and aptitude required for effective surgical business operations management. Our microcredentials are for any perioperative professional including:

nursing, surgical tech, administration, procurement, supply chain, information technology, quality, finance, analytics, and revenue cycle roles including physicians. Anyone that supports the OR.

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Competency & Credentialing Institute (CCI)



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Success in the OR starts with clinically aligned financial planning and reliable procurement practices. 

  • Labor & Materials Budgeting

  • Vendor Contract Management

  • Digital Item Master

  • Capital and Services Procurement 

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Advanced strategies in optimizing your most critical resources to deliver safe, effective and efficient care.

  • Safety & Quality Programs

  • Team Engagement & Patient Experience

  • Operational Analytics

  • Return on Investment 

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Tactical integration of people, processes and technology drive complex business operations. 

  • Preference Card Management

  • Block Scheduling Optimization

  • Staffing Model Efficiency

  • Care Team Onboarding


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Ensure your organization is compensated for the care you've provided to further fund your mission.

  • Charge Capture Process

  • Billing

  • Payor Contracting

  • Revenue Analytics

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